Thursday, 7 February 2013

Black and white stamping mani

Hello :)

For my first nail post back I'm going to show you one of the stamping manis I have done recently. For this mani I used a plate from the gals princess collection. I have read a lot of people say this collection is too small for their nails, but I have the smallest nails. Even when my nails are long they are still tiny! When my nails are long I have about as much as area as my mum does when she has cut her nails down :(. 9 times out of 10 this is a bad thing, but it works well when it comes to the small stamping plates, silver lining in every cloud?

Any way for the mani I used a base of W7 white and Konad special stamping polish black for the stamping. I only recently bought the special polish but it deffinately makes a difference. I will deffinately be looking to get some more when I get some money. It wasn't massively expensive like people seem to think I paid £3.50 for it one EBay.

I've not stamped in so long, wasn't completely happy with the way this came out but I suppose thats me being a perfectionist. I got loads of compliments on these nails though :).

Lucy x

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