Wednesday, 6 February 2013

It's decided ....

I know I've not posted in a long time, a while ago I mentioned personal issues I was having. At the time I was being tested for a hormone condition which would have been caused by a brain tumour, as you can imagine I was a mess! Luckily I got the all clear from that condition but I did get diagnosed with ME or chronic fatigue syndrome as its also known. This leaves me really tired and lacking motivation, hence why my poor blog got left alone :-(. I have decided I'm going to give blogging another try but at a slower pace, as I really did enjoy it and I do need a hobby to focus on. I'm aiming to post once or twice a week for now and see how I get on. If your reading this thanks for bearing with me :-)

Lucy x


  1. I'm glad you've decided to continue blogging hun. I'm sorry to hear about the bad news, but I know you can get through it :) And don't put any pressure on yourself to get a post up, do it when you can and want to :)


  2. awwww thank you :) didn't actually think anyone would see that post lol, I'm deffinately going to give it a good try :D x