Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Illasmasqua Mottle

Hey :)

As promised today I have swatches of Illasmasquas new speckled polish Mottle. I found these to be shearer than I thought they would be, but it does mean that the previous layers glitter shows through which I didn't think it would :). I managed to get them opaque in 2 thick coats but when I use it again I will probably do 3 thin coats to avoid some of the streaking. Overall I was really impressed with this polish with it being my first illamasqua I will deffinately look to get some more :).

Onto the pictures:

Unfortunately this polish didn't wear as well as I had hoped it chipped after a day, but that couldn't have been how I applied it. Even with the chips I still love this polish. Im not a massive fan of the creme coloured one in the collection but I deffinately want the pink and purple ones!

Lucy x

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