Monday, 11 February 2013

Facebook Groups

Hiya :)

Today I thought I would share with you some of the Facebook groups I'm a part of. These groups have been a massive part of my nail polish addiction, they are all so friendly and supportive and a big reason why I am now blogging again. If any of you have stumbled onto my little blog looking at nail polish I would deffinately advise joining these groups!
So to list some of my favourites :

Show Me Your Top Coats - This group is one of my personal favourites. I have found this group to be really friendly and so talented. This is a bunch of girls that discuss nails, nail art, beauty and a lot of general life too. This group is a must for any nail polish addict!

Adventures in Stamping - This is another of my favourites, a group based on stamping and nail polish. Each week there is a challenge and every sunday every posts their manis based on the weekly theme. The theme is chosen by a vote each week. There are some extremely talented and artistic people in this group and is a must visit for any stamping needs or inspiration.

Nail Polish of the World - This group is ran by Anita Marie Roberts of Intense Polish Therapy. This group again is really friendly and is from people all over the world. This group is great for finding out the latest collections and even better for discovering new polishes from other countries!

World of Nailcraft - This group as far as I'm aware is fairly new, I may be mistaken though. This group is always busy and has lots of comments and new posts to read through. Every nail polish addicts dream :)

Wow thats a lot of words for me to write in one post! congratulations if you made it this far ;)

Lucy x

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