Wednesday, 26 September 2012


This evening I decided to go shopping with my mum and bought my first essie, this may not seem like a lot but I'm so excited! I bought bikini so teeny, its a gorgeous blue/purple colour with a hint of glitter. I tried it out tonight on my mums nails and it applied really nicely, I will deffinately be using it on my nails soon and take some pictures of it. I'm so happy !

Anyway on to my nails. This is the mani I'm currently wearing and I love it. I don't think it has come out as nice on the pictures as it looks in reality. First I applied a base of W7 in white. This polish applied really nicely considering it was so cheap, this is two coats of the polish.

Next I sponged on Rimmel Tangy Tangerine, Avon Pastle Pink and Avon Lemon Fizz. This turned out like this

I actually really like how this manicure turned out it looks so pretty and feminine but I don't think the photos do it justice at all. 

Sorry about the bad clean up I have had a nightmare cleaning this Mani, I used polish remover and pure acetone and just couldn't get it looking good on the pictures.

 I was going to stamp over it but I have decided to leave it alone, I may still stamp over it as my cheeky plates have arrived, but will do it just before I take it off I think. I do really like it even if it is kind of messy, guess this is all part of the learning process. Maybe I will try and different clean up brush to see if that helps any. 

Lucy x

P.S Did I mention I bought my first essie :D


  1. Yay for your first Essie! Where can you purchase w7 polishes?

  2. I know so excited. I got my w7 from b & m Bargins, pretty sure you can buy them online as I've seen other bloggers get them delivered.