Friday, 28 September 2012

Sorry & Gradients

First of all I just want to apologise for not blogging yesterday, I have had some personal issues lately that are likely to carry on untill at least the end of november when I will find out some more information. My family and my boyfriend have been desperately trying to support me and cheer me up so have been taking me out. This also means it is unlikely I will be able to blog tomorrow either as my boyfriend is taking me shopping then my boyfriend and parents are taking me to our favourite restaurant, so I apologise in advance.

Today I thought I would post some of the gradients I have created whilst I have been learning nail art. The pictures unfortunately are not the best quality as they were taken on my phone. Also there is not a lot of clean up here and I seemed to think that wasn't necessary.

This is the first gradient I created its pink to orange and both the polishes are No7. I am quite proud of this one, I loved how well the polishes blended.

Next up is blue to purple again these are both No7 polishes, I didn't think I did as well on this one as they didn't blend properly. Please excuse the blue fingers I did warn you!

To try and hide the gradient I stamped over it using my Bundle monster 2nd set and Barry M special effects foil in silver. I think this did help this gradient a lot.

Finally is purple to green, these are both rimmel polishes. I really liked this one, this was deffinately the best blend I managed to get. Also by this time I had discovered seche vite which deffinately makes a massive difference to the overall look to my nails rather than a topcoat that was cheap that I used before.

Lucy x


  1. I love that last gradient! Hope the situation you are struggling with improves soon.

  2. I love that last gradient! Hope the situation you are struggling with improves soon.

  3. I think the last one is my favourite too. Yeah should know more in october its my health I'm falling apart slowly lol x