Monday, 24 September 2012

First Mani

So now its time to post my first mani on my new blog. Although this is the whole purpose of this blog I'm kind of apprehensive and nervous about showing my nails. I completely lack self confidence and worry that I'm not good enough so I'm hoping on this blog people will leave me comments with some constructive criticism to help me improve and feel better about my nails. I get told that I'm good a lot I just don't believe it yet!

First of all I'm going to post a mani that was for a challenge on adventures in stamping the Facebook group I am part of. The mani you had to create was based on a leaf design, this is what I came up with:

My clean up still isn't the best but its something I'm trying to work on!

I created this mani with a base coat of rimmel pro 500 peppermint, I think sponged on Barry M's 307 Lemon. The stamp is Bundle Monster 210 stamped with Barry M special nail effects foil silver.

Also for a laugh and to show the improvement I've made in the last 6 months I thought I would show the first manicure I ever did, this was on my mum for my aunties 50th birthday party, sorry about the picture it was taken on my old phone which has a terrible camera, I now have a shiny new fancy camera that I have been bought for my birthday. So here is my first Mani, No laughing ..... well maybe a bit

No clean up and wonky stuck on rhinestones in the wrong colour, I was so proud of it at the time though. I don't even dare show you what I did on her toes haha!

Lucy x

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