Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nail Fail?

I can't quite decide whether this mani is a nail fail or not? Gonna see what you guys think, Ive already removed it because I really wasn't sure!

 First off I started with a base coat of sinful colors aqua. This was my first time using sinful colors so I really didn't know what to expect. I only paid £1 for it but I liked it, it was lovely to apply and only needed 2 coats really but I did 3 to be on the safe side.

 Now before we move on to the next stage can I just say Im currently off work with tonsillitis and a cold. So somehow I'm my antibioticed, painkillered sneezy mind I though it would be a good idea to add white dots, I do not know why. The white is w7 that I bought cheaply the other day which worked really well.

This was the result...

They are very wonky and smudged due to the fact I had to keep blowing my nose and kept sneezing, just be thankful I'm not showing you my right hand! Does that excuse make this better?

Even my poorly confused mind could see this was a mistake so I tried to fix it using the sinful colors aqua and a smaller dotting tool. This is what happened..

In the end I think adding the smaller dots did help to fix this mani but I did not like the way I applied it, Im blaming those painkillers! It kind of reminds of me of octopus tentacles.

I think after writing this blog I am deffinately calling this a nail fail and moving on from it quickly! Good news though the mani I did today I absolutely love. I was planning on posting it tonight but I'm struggling to picture it accurately, Im going to give it another go in the daylight tomorrow and hopefully it should be up tomorrow :)

Lucy x

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