Sunday, 23 September 2012


So I thought as my first real blog post I would picture my collection of nail polish so that I can compare how it is now and how it is later on when this blog hopefully evolves. 

My collection isn't very big compared to some nail bloggers out there but I already get told by my mum and boyfriend I have too many, but yet they still both buy me them! If you want to know any names of colours leave a comment on here and I would be happy to tell you, but I'm far too lazy to name them all on this blog post.

First up is my Sinful Colors these are new to my collection and were only £1 from my local poundworld.

Next up is W7 I have never used this brand before and haven't tried these 2 out yet so not sure how they will be but they were £1.49 so didn't break the bank.                                        

These are le femme beauty and my mum bought me these from a local market stall. My boyfriend's sister loves me to do her nail and loves neons so bought these thinking of her. They aren't very good to be honest and aren't a polish I would go to straight away.

This is my only revlon polish but I love it and want to get some more when I have some money. It applies lovely and I really do like the colour.

These are miss sporty a cheap polish I've had for a few years but still work perfectly fine.

My Sally Hansens Ive had these about 15 years and came in a french manicure set, I don't use the nude colour much but use the white all the time. With it being older I can get away with stamping with it although it doesn't come out as opaque as the konad special stamping polish it does the job.

This is my only maybelline I bought this quite a while ago but heard bad things about this range so haven't tried it just yet.

This is another set my mum bought me whilst shopping in ASDA, they are ASDA's own brand george. They work really well and at £1.75 a bottle a good bargin.

 This is probably my favourite brand rimmel, they apply really nice and have nice brushes. Also they are reasonably priced between £2-£5.

Next up is Barry M I'm not a massive fan of their brushes which puts me off buying them, everytime I buy one I always say I'm not buying anymore and then I go back and theres always another gorgeous colour that I can't resist. 

I don't really like the Barry M colours I do love their special nail effects, especially the foil ones as they are really good for stamping.

These are from Avon again mostly colours mum has surprised me with over the years. 

These are No7 I love No7 and are one of my favourite brands, only problem I find is the £7 price tag when I can buy rimmel for £2.99. Although I have noticed lately they have started selling them at £5.50 so may have to invest in some more.

These were a couple that I bought cheaply to try, the brand is 2True I hadn't heard of them before I bought them. They are quite pretty but very sheer.

Next is my only OPI that I got free with a magazine at a craft fair. I have heard some good things about OPI and want some more but I think china glaze is first on my list.

 Next are my nails inc that my boyfriend treated me to. Love the brand but can't afford to buy them very often :(.

Finally I have my old no name or unrecognisable names that I have had for a while.

Wow considering I don't have that many nail polish's that was a long post thanks reading if you still here at the end

Lucy x


  1. Congrats on the new blog! As soon as you have an option to follow I will :) I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. Awww thank you so much thats really sweet, I have now added the google friend connect :)

  3. Hi hun, welcome to blogging :)

    Just a quick message to say keep an eye out in Poundworld for Revlon! I've bought about 15 there in the last few weeks, all gorgeous colours :) x

  4. Thank you :-)

    Wow really think I paid about £10 for my revlon, will deffinately keep an eye out. I did find some maybeline and loreal in there but im giving those away as a birthday present as I already have the colours x