Sunday, 30 September 2012

Barry M Gelly collection

Ive got a bit of a review for you today on the Barry M new Gelly collection. I recently bought 2 shades of these, grapefruit and blackberry. They apply really nicely they almost cover in 1 coat but I found that 2 looked better, all my pictures are with 2 coats. I also tried stamping with them and it worked really well, I'm deffinately going to be buying some of the other colours or at least hint at my boyfriend for my birthday! The only downside I have found with these polishes is that they don't last that long, I had got quite a few chips after one day of wear and thats with seche vite over the top. I am guilty of not owning a base coat though so that could help, when I finally buy one I will deffinately give it another go. 

Heres the mani that I created using the Blackberry colour with W7 white and the cheeky vibrate set stamps

The stamping looks darker in life its the same colour as the other nails but the pictures don't show this.

Sorry about how blue my nails look I cleaned up with pure acetone on this mani, but it left me with a blue tint. I am deffinately getting better at clean up but theres a long way to go, its still a massive hang up of mine. My nail polish application has improved so much so not needing as much clean up, but these polishes were a different consistency than normal so I did struggle at first.

Still after all I'm really proud of this mani and I have worn it all weekend, which is a long time for me!

Lucy x


  1. I hope this doesn't stain your nails upon removal. :-( I really want some of these Gelly polishes. I wonder what they go for on E Bay. Hmmm. Very nice mani. :-)

  2. Thank you! I've not taken it off yet to comment but judging how blue my fingers look on these pictures they may do. I know to buy in the uk they are £3.99 so shouldn't be too much I wouldn't have thought :)